Season 1: Episode 7 - After the Lovin'
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

Mike and Molly have spent the rest of the weekend together and neither one of them wants it to end, but Molly, trying to be grounded decides its time to go home.  Mike stops off at Carl’s, over the moon with the weekend he had, and gets conflicting dating advice from Carl and his grandmother.  The next day, he shows up at Molly’s school with balloons and a stuffed animal and while Molly is polite, she’s at work and he needs to leave.  Mike worries to Carl & Samuel that he’s coming on too strong.  Meanwhile, Molly talks to her OA group about how she’s being aloof because she doesn’t want to blow it; she’s gone too fast in the past and worries that she will again this time.  Mike then has dinner with his unsupportive mother, who talks about all of Mike’s dating disasters in the past.  Feeling discouraged, Mike heads home and lights up again when he sees Molly waiting for him.