Season 1: Episode 10 - Molly Gets a Hat
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

Mike and Molly go to Mike’s mom’s house for Sunday dinner.  Molly doesn’t want to go in because she knows his mom doesn’t like her. When they finally go in, dinner is going as you’d expect, though Peggy gives Molly an ugly hat and invites them for Thanksgiving dinner.  Mike doesn’t want to so he says he’s spending Thanksgiving with Molly’s family.  Molly’s family doesn’t do Thanksgiving, so she’s taken aback by this, and ends up inviting Peggy.  It’s Mike and Molly’s first time having to plan something together and there’s complications to everything, e.g., Joyce had planned to go to an Indian casino with Vince, but now has to cancel their plans; Mike invites Carl and Nana, then Samuel and his five roommates.  It’s a large table and Peggy ends up saving the day in the preparations with Molly.  They have a little bonding moment that ends abruptly when Nana shows up wearing the hat she gave Molly.  Tag is seeing the Thanksgiving dinner from under the table as Jim goes from person to person for food.