Season 1: Episode 13 - Mike Goes to the Opera
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

Mike is starting to feel ill, but he has plans to take Molly to the opera so won't admit it. At intermission, however, his fever has spiked, so Molly insists on taking him home. He doesn't want Molly to see him feeling gross so he insists he's fine. Instead, Carl calls Mike’s mother to come over and look after him and we see all of Peggy’s home remedies in action.  Molly stops by after work to check in on Mike, but it’s a showdown between Peggy and Molly.  Peggy decides to let Molly take over but sends her to the drugstore to pick up supplies.  It was a ruse and when Molly leaves, she puts Mike in her car to take him home.  Molly figures it out and shows up at Peggy’s house. Molly decides to make nice with Peggy, only to then take Mike home with her.  And so on...