Season 1: Episode 14 - Molly Makes Soup
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

Molly worries that her relationship with Mike has gotten a little too comfortable as he'd rather eat her homemade soup and watch TV than go out. Molly also worries about Joyce’s relationship with Vince â€" it seems to be hotter than ever and she doesn’t want her mother to get hurt. Vince tries to get on Molly’s good side by offering Mike two courtside Bulls tickets. Mike is desperate to go, and wants to cancels plans he made with Molly.  Carl initially supports Molly’s position with Mike, until he finds out there’s an extra ticket.  In the end, Vince, Mike and Carl go to the game in a limo and have a fabulous time.  Vince asks Mike to put in a good word for him and Mike tells Vince Molly’s concerned that Vince’s intentions aren’t honorable.  While they’re at the game, Joyce tells Molly to not be worried about her and Vince; they’re having fun together and Molly should be happy about that. When the boys return home, Mike and Molly apologize to each other and Vince gets down on his knee to propose to Joyce.  Joyce accepts.