Season 1: Episode 15 - Jim Won't Eat
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

Peggy is going in for gallbladder surgery and is putting her affairs in order. Surprisingly, she asks Molly to take care of Jim. She then tells Mike that should things go wrong, she has a burial plot, and there’s a space for Mike beside her for when he passes.  Mike says that he doesn’t know if he’ll need that since his intention is to be buried next to Molly. This throws Molly for a loop because she doesn’t think they’re ready to be talking about being buried together (they barely have keys to each other’s places).  Mike interprets Molly’s reaction as cold feet. In the end, Peggy takes Molly’s side and reassures her son that Molly is great, but her hesitation in talking about being buried together isn’t a bad sign.