Season 1: Episode 19 - Peggy Shaves Her Legs
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

Mike and Molly are at Peggy's house for dinner and Molly doesn’t understand why Peggy is being extra nice to her.  She gets really nervous when Peggy invites Molly to lunch the next day. At the lunch, Molly learns that Peggy has a date for the first time since Mike's dad left. Peggy doesn’t have a lot of lady friends to discuss this with and needs help getting ready; she's also not sure how Mike will take it.  Molly tells Mike about the date and at first he's happy for his mom.  Then, he talks to Samuel and Carl and they tell him stories about how Viagra has changed the dating world for older women and Mike isn't so sure he wants his mom to be dating. Peggy goes to Molly's house to get ready where Joyce and Victoria also help out.  Just as Peggy's about to leave for the date, Peggy freaks out.  Molly reassures her and Peggy decides to go out.  Mike and the boys stake out Peggy's house until she's home safe and sound, however, Mike freaks a little when a second car pulls in her driveway.