Season 1: Episode 20 - Opening Day
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

Mike confesses to his OA meeting that while he's been doing pretty well, he's got a big food challenge coming up â€" Cubbies opening day. Plus, it's tradition that he and Carl go every year, but this year he kind of wants to bring Molly. He talks to Molly about it, and she's very understanding and tells him to have a good time. She gets it because her dad used to take her to baseball games every year and it was always really special. Because of this, Mike decides he has to bring her, but he can only get an extra seat in the bleachers, so they have to take turns. During the game, they each have a little epiphany on the issue they're dealing with: Molly and the loss of her father; Carl and his father; and Mike with his eating. There's even a guy in the bleachers who ends up at an OA meeting because of our gang.