Season 2: Episode 5 - Victoria Runs Away
Posted on Oct 25, 2011 12:00am

­Victoria brings home a jobless musician which causes lots of problems in the house. After Molly and Victoria have a fight about him, Mike decides to offer Victoria some friendly advice. Frustrated, Molly complains to Mike that she's tired of having to be the "parent" in the family while they're at dance lessons. When they return home, Joyce is upset because Victoria is moving out so she asks Molly to talk to her. As Mike tries to calm down Joyce, he instead sets her off by telling her what Molly said. Then Victoria tells Molly something Mike said and the tension escalates. Despite Mike’s good intentions, he’s managed to make all the women in the house mad at him. He goes out with Carl to get a break, and has trepidations about returning home. When he arrives home, the women are all on the couch watching a movie as though nothing happened, leaving Mike befuddled.