Season 2: Episode 6 - Happy Halloween
Posted on Nov 1, 2011 12:00am

­This is the first is a mini-arc about Molly’s career. Molly learns that a Vice Principal position is opening up and she decides she wants to apply. There’s a test required and Molly has to study for a big test to qualify. Molly is much more aggressive about career than Mike is and he doesn’t like that she’s working all the time. Not only that, it’s Halloween and he hates Halloween. When the Principal invites them to a Halloween party, Mike doesn’t want to go, but reluctantly agrees. It’s an uncomfortable environment with some of the other teachers and Principal being snobby and cliqueish. In the end, Mike stands up for Molly and Molly has a rousing speech at the end. They haven’t decided whether or not Molly will ultimately get the job.