Season 2: Episode 9 - Mike Cheats
Posted on Nov 22, 2011 12:00am

­A Thanksgiving episode. Mike and Molly are at an OA meeting and Molly reports how well she’s doing. After the meeting, Mike sneaks a candy bar, but he’s caught by Harry (David Higgins). Turns out, Mike has been cheating quite a bit, so Harry gives Mike some words of encouragement and offers to be Mike’s sponsor. Mike is embarrassed and doesn’t want to share in front of Molly, so Harry takes him to an all male, gay OA meeting. Since Mike is going out separately from Molly, Joyce and Victoria suggest to Molly that he may be cheating on her. The day before Thanksgiving Mike falls off the wagon in a major way and he ends up telling Molly. He’s surprised to learn that she already knows he’s struggling and she suggests that instead of having Thanksgiving dinner, they go to an OA meeting. Also, Carl introduces Christina to Mike & Molly.