Season 2: Episode 14 - Joyce's Choices
Posted on Feb 7, 2012 12:00am

­­­Joyce gets invited to go out to dinner with an old boyfriend (he was a pilot when she was a stewardess). This drives Vince crazy, but she goes out anyway. Mike talks to Vince and tells him he can’t be a Neanderthal and he has to evolve. When she returns from dinner, she's in a terrible mood and snaps at Molly and Victoria. The next night Vince comes over and tries to use Mike's approach, but Joyce gets angry with when he asks how her night was. Her anger spirals and she ends up breaking off her engagement. Molly and Victoria take their mom out for drinks trying to find out what's bothering her and Joyce reveals she kissed her ex and she feels guilty. The girls reassure their mom that while she may have kissed her ex, she stopped things from going any further. Feeling better, Joyce invites Vince to live with her. Also Mike and Molly discuss their honeymoon plans. Mike wants to drive to Wisconsin wine country, but Molly wants to go to Paris. We learn Mike’s afraid of flying but in the end, after dealing with Vince, Mike realizes he never wants to hold Molly back so he agrees to go to Paris.