Season 2: Episode 15 - Valentine Piggyback
Posted on Feb 14, 2012 12:00am

­Valentine’s Day episode. Mike and Carl are driving and Carl asks what Mike what he’s doing for Valentine’s Day. Mike tells Carl that Molly said not to make a big deal, so he hasn’t planned anything. Carl tells Mike that it’s a big mistake, so Mike ends up glomming on to Carl’s elaborate plans with Christina. It’s Carl’s first Valentine’s and he’s pissed that his plans are being hijacked and they end up in a big fight. On their way to dinner, Mike and Carl come across a jumper they can’t leave (too many other jumpers on Valentine’s Day.) Molly and Christina end up having dinner together while Mike and Carl talk the jumper off the ledge. All Mike and Carl's differences are forgotten when Carl ends up falling and Mike saves his life. Also, for the first time Victoria doesn’t have a date and Harry is at house installing some equipment. They end up spending Valentine’s Day together.