Season 1: Episode 14 - Leather Cribs and Medieval Rack
Posted on Jan 21, 2014 12:00am

Bonnie complains about her back and how uncomfortable it is sleeping on Christy's couch. As she and Christy talk about it, Bonnie digs into the couch to see where her phone dropped and discovers that the couch has a fold out bed and Christy never told her. Usually Bonnie’s on the wrong end of their trust issues, but this time Christy is. After her shift at the restaurant, Christy decides to apologize, but then she discovers that Bonnie has a secret stash of cash and could move out if she wanted to. Christy and Bonnie discuss how they’ve always had lots of secrets and lies, so they decide to have an amnesty day where they divulge all their secrets, but can’t get mad. Bonnie gets caught up in the moment and tells Christy the true identity of her father. Christy is furious that Bonnie kept this secret from her as long as she did, so she forces Bonnie to take a road trip to meet him. On the way, Bonnie explains how she met Christy's father, what she was like back then, and why it didn't work out. Christy winds up meeting Alvin, her father, but doesn't introduce herself as his daughter.