Season 1: Episode 15 - Fireballs and Bullet Holes
Posted on Jan 28, 2014 12:00am

While at lunch one day, Christy tells Marjorie that she met her biological father. Marjorie advises her to go and tell him the truth because life is short. Christy drives up to see him and it doesn’t go well for her at all; Alvin wants nothing to do with her. Bonnie is hurt that Christy did this without telling her and even more furious with Alvin. Later, Alvin shows up at Christy’s place and apologizes for his actions, saying that Christy caught him completely off-guard and brought up shameful memories he’s tried to repress. She gets upset with him for neglecting to tell his new family about her and feels abandoned yet again. In the end, Alvin brings Christy a Camero and introduces her to her brothers, Douglas and Jackie.