Chris Pratt To Guest Star As Anna Faris' Love Interest On Mom

Expect sparks on camera between Anna and her real-life husband.
Posted on Oct 21, 2016 | 03:20pm
Fans of Mom are squealing with excitement with the latest—and greatest—news they could ever imagine surrounding guest casting for Season 4.

Anna's real-life movie star husband, actor Chris Pratt (Parks and Recreation, Jurassic World, Guardians of the Galaxy), will become Christy's new love interest in this season's episode entitled "Marjorie's Nephew."

The episode, which will air early next year, will introduce Pratt's character, Nick—Marjorie's attractive young nephew who is also a charming horseback riding instructor.

When Marjorie tells the ladies to keep their paws off him, it only pushes Christy to pursue the hunky character even harder—with the help of her over-the-top mother Bonnie.

The chemistry between Anna and Chris on Mom will cause sparks—obviously!

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How will this new relationship develop on screen? Find out this season!

Watch the Season 4 premiere of Mom on Thursday, Oct. 27 at 9/8c on CBS and CBS All Access.