Adam's Big Question Goes Up In Flames On Mom When Bonnie's boyfriend finally pops the big question, things don't go quite as expected on the hit comedy's Season 5 premiere.
Posted on Nov 3, 2017 08:00am

Mom fans were on the edge of their seats when Bonnie's (Allison Janney) longtime boyfriend, Adam (William Fichtner), finally popped the big question during a dinner date on the Season 5 premiere.

STREAM: Adam Proposes To Bonnie On The Season 5 Premiere Of Mom

At first, Adam's elaborate proposal went according to plan when Bonnie exclaimed "Yes!" and proudly put on her new bling.

"You took a romantic moment and turned it into a fire hazard, and that's why I love you," said Adam to his bride-to-be.

"I’m going to make you the best wife," she responded.

Her premarital bliss was short-lived, however, when Bonnie began to think about everything that marriage meant.

"If I can do sober, I can do marriage... Of course, I have to do meetings to stay sober. There’s no marriage meetings unless you’re in counseling…"

Oh, Bonnie...

So, where did the conversation go next?

WATCH: Adam's Big Question Goes Up In Flames On Mom

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