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    Monkey Island

    S1 E1 A Mother's Tale

    A deadly drought has hit Monkey Island, causing hardship for a troop of toque macaques. For Anna, a low-ranking member of the troop with a newborn baby in tow, the harsh conditions jeopardize her ability to feed herself and provide nourishment for her son. As kidnappers threaten to break the familial bond, can this dedicated mother beat the odds and keep her son healthy through the challenging first weeks of his life?

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Monkey Island
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Escape to Monkey Island, deep in the tropical forests of Sri Lanka, where troops of toque macaques, tufted grey langurs, and purple-faced leaf monkeys have made their home among the crumbling ruins of ancient temples. In this verdant jungle, abundant fruit provides ample feasts for these foragers, but even in primate paradise, trouble awaits. Follow these charismatic monkeys as they deal with unpredictable weather and struggle to raise their young in an environment where hidden forest dangers lurk around every corner.
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Monkey Island