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    S1 E1 Pig Bang

    In 2006, a series of explosive fires ravaged pig farms across the U.S. and Canada, leaving a wake of destruction and death. No one could figure out the cause, but there was a pattern: all of the barns were new and all of them were enormous. There was also a recurring clue: a peculiar and mysterious foam rising from the barns' manure pits prior to the fires. So, was the goo responsible for this outbreak of infernos? Fire investigators, scientists, and a waste management specialist join forces to get to the bottom of this perplexing puzzle.

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Solitary sharks that have formed a gang. An elephant-turned-serial killer. A pride of lions with a sudden appetite for giraffes. And pigs, by the thousands, erupting in flames. What on earth is going on in the animal world? This series travels the globe to investigate mysterious occurrences and odd behavior afflicting the animal kingdom. We follow field experts and game wardens as they dive into dangerous waters and enter wildlife warzones, making discoveries that could rewrite science and spell doom for certain species.
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