18 Masks That Will Get You Uninvited From The Mardi Gras Party

1. Mr. Voodoo's mask

1. 1. Mr. Voodoo's mask

This mask from NCIS: New Orleans sure had our attention, and though it was very eye-catching, we just don't think you'll want to convey eye-gobbling at your Mardi Gras festivities.

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2. Pale masks

2. 2. Pale masks

On The Bold and the Beautiful, it was quite eerie when these two got close while wearing pale masks.

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3. Creepy Santa mask

3. 3. Creepy Santa mask

When a robbery culprit dresses in a Santa suite complete with a smirking mask, it's pretty clear that they, themselves, are on the naughty list.

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4. Metal mask

4. 4. Metal mask

The adversary of Supergirl, the nuke-zapping Reactron, isn't one bit intimidated by this heated situation. Bio-medical technological suits sure come in handy. 

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5. Ape mask

5. 5. Ape mask

Looks like the cast of The Big Bang Theory were busy monkeying around when they decided to wear these masks in Season 1. 

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6. Forensic mask

6. 6. Forensic mask

When you're knee-deep in a criminal investigation, having a protective lens is always a smart idea. But it's just weird for Mardi Gras.

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7. Tribal mask

7. 7. Tribal mask

Though this mask for CSI would surely grab much attention from a large, partying crowd, it's just doesn't have that Mardi Gras flair.

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8. Creepy mask

8. 8. Creepy mask

On Hawaii Five-0, this mask gave us nightmares for a solid week. Be sure not to bring this one to the parade unless you want to party alone. 

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9. Hockey masks

9. 9. Hockey masks

This NCIS: Los Angeles scene was just brtual. Those hockey masks are a little unsettling. You may want to forgo this mask for the holiday.

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10. Borg mask

10. 10. Borg mask

Back in Season 6, the guys on The Big Bang Theory got dressed in head-to-toe Star Trek: Next Generation get ups. Howard's borg mask took his outfit to the next level. 

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11. Pig mask

11. 11. Pig mask

Maybe you're considering this Criminal Minds mask since you'll be "pigging out" at Mardi Gras, but this mask just creeps us out.

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12. Bat mask

12. 12. Bat mask

Bat masks are cool and all, but this CSI mask needs a bit more color and glitter for this year's New Orleans party. 

13. Gas mask

13. 13. Gas mask

While Casey held Brian hostage in the FBI and dispersed everyone in the building, he simultaneously released tear gas. Good thing for these protective gas masks. 

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14. White mask

14. 14. White mask

The CSI: Cyber crew learned they had to be suspicious of mask-wearing cyber-arsonists who were threatening residents in the area. 

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15. Oxygen mask

15. 15. Oxygen mask

When Gibbs was shot and taken in for an emergency surgery, the hospital crew went right to work to care for him. If you need one of these masks, you shouldn't be out for Mardi Gras.

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16. Emotionless mask

16. 16. Emotionless mask

A henchman of Gabriel Waincroft, this man decided to mask his true identity before torturing a kidnapped Kono. Leave this one at home.

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17. Medical mask

17. 17. Medical mask

ER doctors know a thing or two about safety and precaution, hence the medical masks that are always a staple in their uniform. Leave these ones at the hospital, though.

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18. Makeshift mask

18. 18. Makeshift mask

Being trapped in an uber-techy building has anxiety written all over it, so this makeshift mask made out of a fish tank filter helped to fight off carbon monoxide poisoning and smoke inhalation. Smart thinking, but it won't pass on Mardi Gras.

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