Mardi Gras NCIS: New Orleans Style!

Check out how the cast of NCIS: New Orleans does Mardi Gras!

Mardi Gras Fashion

1. Mardi Gras Fashion

Rob Kerkovich: "Between sequins and the tux I have the full spectrum of fashion covered #MardiGras"
Keyboard Tie

2. Keyboard Tie

Rob Kerkovich: "I've waited all my life to wear a keyboard tie"
Sweet Jacket

3. Sweet Jacket

Rob Kerkovich: "You'll get to see more of this jacket in tonight's Fat Tuesday episode of NCIS: New Orleans"
Pizza Socks

4. Pizza Socks

Rob Kerkovich: "No Mardi Gras outfit is complete without pizza socks."
Orpheus Krew

5. Orpheus Krew

Rob Kerkovich: "My view at the Orpheus press conference."
Parade Panic

6. Parade Panic

Rob Kerkovich: "Parade is about to start! Panic setting in."
Rob the Bead Launcher

7. Rob the Bead Launcher

Rob Kerkovich: "This is the last time I tried an overhand throw. Apologies to the person I hit in the face. It's me, not you."
Lucas the Bead Holder

8. Lucas the Bead Holder

Rob Kerkovich: "Lucas can hold more beads than I can."
Soggy Soul Mates

9. Soggy Soul Mates

Rob Kerkovich: "Yes, it rained on our parade. #SoggySoulMates"
Hunger Games Style

10. Hunger Games Style

Rob Kerkovich: "A site I'll never forget: riding into the Orpheus Ball on our float. Straight up Hunger Games style."