Go Behind-The-Scenes With The NCIS: New Orleans Cast

All red everything

2. All red everything

The cast looks ravishing in red, posing before the city's famed Annual Red Dress Run.
They take the cake

3. They take the cake

The cast took a break from filming "No Man's Land" to enjoy a delicious dessert with consultant and real NCIS agent D'Wayne Swear.
Say cheese!

4. Say cheese!

Zoe McLellan smiles on the set with guest star Annie Potts.
Computer close up

5. Computer close up

The cameras grab a variety of angles while filming guest star Annie Potts.
Strike a pose

8. Strike a pose

Zoe McLellan sits pretty while the crew sets up the perfect shot.
Happy birthday Scott!

10. Happy birthday Scott!

The cast and crew take a break from filming to celebrate Scott Bakula's birthday.
Got your six

11. Got your six

A camera man shoots Scott Bakula and Zoe McLellan from behind.
Scout it out

12. Scout it out

Director Tessa Blake helps the cast and crew prepare a shot.