Season 9: Episode 17 - Need to Know
Posted on Feb 29, 2012 12:00am

The NCIS investigate the murder of Leland Wiley, a naval officer who meant to disclose classified information about an arms dealer in exchange for a plea bargain. While they track down the man who killed Wiley, the team also keeps surveillance on the arms dealer, Agah Bayar, who visits Washington with an alluring model, Ava Baransky. After learning that Wiley stole stealth technology schematics and meant to sell them to Bayar, Gibbs sends a nervous Dorneget on his first field assignment to detain Baransky for questioning about Bayar. However, Gibbs runs up against the DIA, which tries to close down NCIS’s operation without disclosing why. When NCIS locates the man who murdered Wiley, he reveals that he was hired by a female Russian intelligence agent, Ava Baransky, and she is the one buying the stealth technology. After Baransky escapes the country, Dorneget sweats over failing his first mission, but Gibbs learns that it was all part of a DIA sting to sabotage Russian stealth communication research. Dorneget reveals to McGee that he’s gay.