Returns for Season 16
Season 9: Episode 20 - The Missionary Position
Posted on Apr 11, 2012 12:00am

When a Marine lieutenant’s body falls from the sky, NCIS link the crime to the disappearance of a Navy chaplain â€" both were on a medical outreach mission in South American cartel country. Believing the chaplain may still be held by Columbian rebels working with the cartels, Ziva and Tony jet off to South America and work with Ziva’s friend, retired Interpol agent Monique Lisson, to assist in a rescue operation. Meanwhile, Gibbs discovers that the missionaries leading the outreach mission were actually CIA agents, and Ryan is forced to confess a secret: the medical outreach programs are actually a CIA ruse, used to acquire DNA samples to track down known cartel leaders. In South America, Ziva, Tony, and Lisson locate the CIA agents, who assist them in a successful rescue operation of the chaplain. Finally, Jimmy stresses over whom to pick as best man for his upcoming nuptials, but decides to go with Abby, while Gibbs steps up his relationship with Ryan and asks her to stop playing mind games with him.