Season 9: Episode 23 - Up In Smoke
Posted on May 9, 2012 12:00am

While at the dentist NCIS Probationary Agent Ned Dorneget discovers a bug that was implanted into one of his fillings. The patent of the bug leads them to none other than the newest member of NCIS’ most wanted list, Harper Dearing (established in #208). It turns out that the dentist who performed the implant was forced and paid to bug Dorneget by one of Dearing’s henchmen. Vincent Maple, President of Dearing’s company, complies with NCIS and reminds us that he hasn’t had contact with Dearing in over a year. While questioning the dentist, NCIS gets a call from Dearing in MTAC and it’s clear that he’s targeting the Navy, specifically Navy ships. Tensions rise when the team discovers that Dearing was just in the Navy Yard and by the time we get there all that is left is a model boat with Gibb’s daughter’s name on it, Kelly. Dr. Ryan reveals that Dearing had a son in the Navy who was killed in an attack on a Navy ship. The early warning system in place was defected which could have stopped the attack. Dearing is trying to teach the Navy a lesson by blowing up Navy ships with the same defected systems. We track down the call that Dearing made and it leads us to the warehouse where we believe he’s keeping the materials used to blow up the ships. However, we discover an empty warehouse with just a watchman and duffle bag full of money to be delivered to a local address. The team stages Palmer’s bachelor party near the drop location to try and squeeze out Dearing, however it’s Vincent Maple who arrives to pick up the bag of cash. Maple was running his own con by having Dearing’s money sent to a warehouse as accounts payable then picking it up and sending it to his overseas account. Dearing knew what was going on and used it as a decoy to distract our team and to rat out Maple. The team tries to figure out Dearing’s next attack until they get a call that Director Vance has gone missing. To be continued...