Season 4: Episode 15 - Friends & Lovers
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

When a young Navy sailor is discovered dead in an abandoned restaurant, what appears to be death by a drug overdose turns out to be a poisoning. One of the few clues the team has to work on is a mysterious laminated card found on him. After a thorough analysis, a secret message is found written in blood on the card: "Expect More!" Thinking they've got a serial killer on their hands, the team works quickly to discover the connection between the victim and the card he was found with. However, when Abby discovers that the blood was from another murder victim, a high-end prostitute, the team shifts their focus to a VIP club that catered to that lifestyle, and to a prostitute that the murdered sailor had been in contact with. As they dig deeper, they discover that the sailor had tried to give a dosed drink to the prostitute at the club, but a bouncer had seen the whole thing and thinking it was just a roofie, forces the sailor to drink the drink intended for the girl. They also discover that a bloody boot print found by the murdered prostitute belonged to the sailor. It turns out that the murdered sailor was the serial killer, and that both the poison he drank and the laminated card he was found with were meant for the prostitute.