Returns for Season 16
Season 4: Episode 21 - Brothers in Arms
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

Still on the trail of Le Grenouille, Director Shepard attempts to meet with an informant who is willing to give up valuable information about his organization. However, at the meeting the informant is gunned down, and the Director barely makes it out alive after getting off a few shots of her own. As the team tries to put the pieces together they initially assume that Le Grenouille was the one who set up the hit. However, the CIA operative who is assigned to Le Grenouille insists that this in not his style. Thanks to some extremely detailed investigation of the broken glass and blood splatter that the Director caused while shooting at the assailants car, Abby is able to pinpoint a location for one of the shooters. Unfortunately, when they arrive to take him down, they find that the Director's shoots hadn't wounded him, but had killed him. With one other witness connecting the hit to Le Grenouille, the Director knows she must find him or let her nemesis slip through her fingers again.