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Season 10: Episode 18 - Seek
Posted on Mar 20, 2013 12:00am

Marine Sergeant Teddy LeMere is killed by a sniper in Kabul next to his sniffing service dog, Dex, while helping a government contractor, Jim Virgil, detect IEDs in abandoned buildings. LeMere’s wife, Ruby, asks Gibbs to look into her husband’s death after she plays a cryptic phone message right before he died. At first we suspect Norman Pittorino, the government hired dog trainer that LeMere had an altercation with six month ago while training Dex. A few days later Ruby shows up at NCIS with an expensive gold pendant engraved with an Afghani family crest that her husband had mailed two weeks before his death. Gibbs drops Ruby and Dex off at home only to discover that there is an intruder in the house in search of the pendant. The intruder gets away but not before Dex takes a bite out of his pant leg. Abby discovers that the bullet that killed LeMere was manufactured in America leading Gibbs to believe that it may not have been the Taliban. Gibbs, McGee and Dex travel to Kabul to meet with the government contractor who helps him pinpoint the location of where the shot came from. Based on the location of the bullet fragment and the angle of the shot, Gibbs realizes that the shot came from a nearby building that LeMere and Dex were recently canvassing. LeMere discovered the government contractors were looting the abandoned buildings that he and Dex were canvassing. They would then send all the valuables back to the states through Pittorino who had no idea his bags were being stashed with goods for his delinquent nephew to hold onto. LeMere was killed because he planned to blow the whistle on Virgil and his team and refused to be bought off. Meanwhile, Vance interviews prospective nannies for his children but has difficulty choosing one.