Season 11: Episode 14 - Monsters and Men
Posted on Feb 5, 2014 01:00pm

As the team continues their hunt for terrorist Benham Parsa, they uncover a dead body in clothes matching the description of one of Parsa’s bodyguards. As they head out to investigate, Bishop reveals her theory that Parsa’s next move is to head home to Pakistan honor the anniversary of his parents’ death. Gibbs is taken aback to learn that Bishop has been gathering intel on Parsa for the NSA over the last six years. She was the first to track Parsa down but failed to capture him, and he proceeded to play mind games with her. When the team discovers the dead body belongs to a port authority officer, they ascertain the officer was killed when he ran into Parsa and his bodyguard as they were trying to leave the country. Parsa’s bodyguard stole the officer’s clothes and I.D. The team tracks down the bodyguard who reveals Parsa is at his compound near his parents’ burial site. NCIS facilitates the SEAL team operation to capture Parsa, but in custody he is only willing to speak with Bishop. As she questions him for details of his inner circle, he seizes a moment of vulnerability and takes her hostage to carry out his suicide mission. Before Parsa can kill Bishop as a darkly poetic legacy, the team uses his sister Hayat to beg him not to go through with his plan. Unable to be persuaded, Gibbs shoots and kills him. In appreciation for Bishop’s work, Gibbs offers her a permanent spot on the NCIS team.