Returns for Season 16
Season 11: Episode 17 - Rock and a Hard Place
Posted on Mar 19, 2014 12:00am

After a bomb explodes in a dressing room during a USO charity concert rehearsal, killing a petty officer and a janitor, NCIS is called in to investigate. Once they discover the dressing room was intended for famed guitarist Manheim Gold, he is placed into protective custody. Manheim goes through a long list of people who could have had the motive to kill him and suspects he is also being followed. Tony confronts the pursuer to learn he is Manheim’s son from a fling he had years ago. During questioning, Manheim’s son maintains he was only trying to meet his father. When Manheim mentions he had switched dressing rooms two days prior, the team determines he was not the target since the bomb was placed three days ago. Abby and Bishop reconstruct a partial fingerprint from the bomb which leads them to Luke Pischedda, the concert coordinator. They ascertain that Pischedda knew the concert would be moved to a military base following the bombing. He had previously worked as a contractor for a private military company and hid a large sum of money on the base. He planned to retrieve the money by using the charity concert as a cover. Right as Manheim takes the stage to perform, Gibbs cuts the power in order to follow sounds of Pischedda’s jackhammer being used to retrieve the money. Meanwhile, Jimmy is let down when the baby adoption falls through, and Gibbs helps him find the strength to pick up the pieces.