Season 6: Episode 22 - Legend (Part 1)
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

When it’s discovered that a murder investigation Gibbs’ team is working on is tied to an NCIS Office of Special Projects (OSP) case, Director Vance sends Gibbs and McGee to liaise with them in Los Angeles. OSP had been tracking money sent from the Middle East to an arms dealer, Liam, in Los Angeles, but after the Marine coerced in to couriering the money tried to work undercover with OSP to bust the dealer in LA, he ended up tortured to death in Washington D.C. The operation was a major priority for the SecNav, who expects a major attack in the US connected to this arms deal. Once in LA Gibbs and McGee experience first hand the extreme deep cover operations that OSP was created for, and Gibbs gets reacquainted with his old friend, special agent Callen, and the head of OSP, Macy. Meanwhile, back in D.C., Tony and Ziva track down the Marine’s killers and discover they had been hired by the arms dealer, Liam. Through deep cover work OSP is able to set up a meeting with Liam, but the meeting turns in to a hit, and OSP has no choice but to shoot Liam down. With no leads left to go on, Callen takes on Liam’s identity to continue the investigation. To be continued...