Returns for Season 16
Season 6: Episode 25 - Aliyah
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

After killing Mossad agent Michael Rivkin in self defense, Tony must convince Gibbs and Director Vance that the shooting was justified. Satisfied that Tony’s actions were warranted, Vance decides to go to Israel with Gibbs and Tony to present the case to Mossad Director Eli David, in order to maintain positive diplomatic relations. Once in Israel, Eli aggressively questions Tony about the altercation, insisting that Tony could have walked away without shooting Rivkin, and that he didn’t because he wanted him out of Ziva’s life. Tony stands his ground and maintains that it was kill or be killed, and is actually able to get Eli to admit that Rivkin was not a rogue agent. During the heated exchange, Eli insists that Rivkin was following his instructions, essentially admitting he had approved Rivkin’s operations in Los Angeles and at the SecNav’s mansion. Later, old friends Vance and Eli have a sit down and discuss the implications of having Mossad running operations in the US, and come to what both hope to be a new understanding of trust between their agencies. Meanwhile, Gibbs learns that Ziva had been involved with Rivkin and is troubled that she would lie to him about it. Ziva, who is furious with Tony, tells Gibbs that she’s not sure she can continue to work with him at NCIS, but Gibbs makes the decision easy for her. After being betrayed by Ziva, Gibbs tells her she is no longer welcome, and that she is staying in Israel.