Returns for Season 16
Season 7: Episode 11 - Ignition
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

­Our tem investigates the murder of Lieutenant Commander Brad Sayers when his burnt body is found attached to a jet pack in a remote park of the forest. When not working as a test pilot for the military Sayers also moonlighted working for Tillman Air testing out their latest invention. Things get even more complicated when we interview CEO Victor Tillman and we learn that his recent divorce to his CFO wife, Vanessa Tillman, has been a constant battle for pieces of the company. Financial records reveal that Sayers was not only working for Victor but was also being paid by Vanessa to spy on her ex-husband. Ducky discovers that our victim was killed by poisoning before he was harnessed to the jet pack. Someone must have remotely flown him and dumped him in the forest to make it look like an accident. In the end, it turns out that it was Sayer’s commanding officer, Captain Powell, who let greed get the best of him. Sayers was stealing tech information from Victor and Vanessa and was working with Powell to build their own prototype. Powell wanted 100% of the profits so he needed to eliminate Sayers. A tough no-nonsense attorney (Rena Sofer) shows up representing Victor Tillman and goes head-to-head with Gibbs. We discover that she has ulterior motives as she represents Colonel Merton Bell (episode #144).