Returns for Season 16
Season 7: Episode 12 - Flesh and Blood
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

­NCIS arrives at Pax River Naval Station to investigate the attempted assassination of Prince Sayif, a member of the Saudi Royal family, when his SUV explodes killing his driver. We discover the bomb was erroneously triggered when the vibrations of a jet flying by triggered the bomb. Sayif was temporarily in the US on a flight training program that was organized through his country and our State Department. Unlike his older brother, Abdalla, who lived in DC and worked as a Deputy Minister, Sayif was known for his wild and playboy lifestyle. With Abdalla always to Sayif’s rescue it was apparent that he felt like Sayif was an embarrassment to his family. In the end it turns out that Abdalla orchestrated to kill his brother and wanted to make it look like a terrorist attack. However, with diplomatic immunity, Abdalla escaped being charged in the US. He was however being picked up and taken back to be dealt with by his father, Prince Omar, who just arrived in the royal jet. Anthony DiNozzo Senior comes to pay Tony a visit and we discover a strained relationship between father and son. Tony learns his dad, once the very successful business investor, has been broke for a while but continues to live the charade of living the great lifestyle. Tony Sr. even mentions knowing and wanting to do business with the Saudi family. In the end, it’s Tony that anonymously bails his dad out by paying his very expensive hotel bill and making it look like Prince Omar took care of the tab. ­