Season 7: Episode 15 - Jack Knife
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

­NCIS investigates the murder of former Marine, Nick Heatherton, when his budy, Marine Damon Werth, shows up at Gibb’s house looking for help. In order to make ends meet, Heatherton was working for the not so savory Szwed shipping company driving semi-trucks cross country. Werth was offered a job with Szwed but declined. Our team learns that the mysterious contents in the semi that our victim was transporting may have been worth killing over. Werth and Ziva go undercover to work for Aaron Szwed who forces them to high-jack another truck Gibbs and Fornell team up to track down the incoming truck only to discover that item to be high-jacked is a very expensive car that millionaire tycoon David Devoisier won from Szwed over a racing bet. Heatherton’s murder wasn’t about what was in the truck but rather to cover up a hit and run that he witnessed with Devoisier behind the wheel. ­