Season 7: Episode 21 - Obsession
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

­Our team has a hard time finding the cause of death of Navy Lt. Craig Hutton when his car drives out of control and hits a parked vehicle near a hospital. His injuries from the car accident didn’t kill but something in his blood did. In an attempt to reach his next of kin, we discover that his sister is popular ZNN reporter Trisha Hutton. Coincidentally her apartment is ransacked and she hasn’t been seen in a few days. Trisha’s dear friend, Charlie Bascom, whom was a father figure to her, recently died and she was the executor. Trisha used her brother’s clearance to gain information on the truth behind Charlie’s past and Craig was killed for doing so. Charlie owned a small bookstore which Trisha now had to sell. After Charlie’s death Trisha learned that Charlie wasn’t just a bookstore owner, but rather a former Russian KGB who funded covert operations in America. Throughout the investigation Tony becoming increasingly more captivated with Trisha even though they’ve never met. Abby and Ducky realize that Craig was injected with a microscopic ricin pellet, a Cold-War-era KGB weapon, that had no anecdote. Victims usually die within three days having no idea what happened. When Tony finally tracks down Trisha we learn that she was recently injected with the same ricin. Gibb finds a microfiche in the store of all of Charlie’s accounting ledgers and on that list it identifies everyone he’s conducted business with, specifically Maggie Reed, the broker who’s been showing the book store to perspective buyers. She was trying to track down the money and Trisha and her brother got in the way so she needed to silence them. Little did she know the money was in plane sight, Charlie used the money to buy limited first edition books that were clearly displayed in the bookshelves. Vance introduces Alejandro Juarez, Justice Department in Mexico, to Gibbs and informs him that Juarez along with his council, M.Allison Hart, will have temporary employee status at NCIS. Juarez admires Abby’s work and invites her to come to Mexico to speak at a symposium. ­