Season 8: Episode 4 - Royals and Loyals
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

­Our team investigates the death of PO Edward Alston when his shot body is found in floating in hot tub in an abandoned house in the Norfolk area. It turns our Alston wasn’t killed in the hot tub but rather drowned somewhere else, shot, and then placed in the hot tub. Alston wife reveals that her husband was recently commissioned to work on a secret special assignment which worried her because Alston mentioned he thought was being watched. Ducky discovers remnants of a hundred dollar bill in our victim’s mouth that proves to emit low-watt radio waves and contained a tracing powder, something the CIA would be involved in. Abby reveals that the salt and filtered water found in our victim’s system indicates that he was most likely killed in the hull of a ship. Based on the impression of the unique steam control valve Abby links Alstons’s place of death to a British Royal Ship that’s currently berthed at Norfolk. This complicates things as the crime scene officially took place on British soil. We meet up with Peter Malloy, British Royal Marine, who seems apprehensive on letting our team onboard as they are gearing up to set sail soon. Gibbs also interviews CIA Operations Officer, Loretta Tennison, who apprehensively reveals that Alston was involved a CIA mission to deliver cash to the enemies of our enemies. Tony and Ziva are finally cleared to check out the hull of the ship and find blood as well as traces of the CIA money powder that was found on our victim. Tennison also confesses to Gibbs that Alston mission was to guard the cash while on the ship and Malloy was to coordinate the drops. However, something went wrong and now the CIA is out $3million. Our team races to track down Malloy. Abby discovers that Malloy isn’t who he says he is but rather MI-6, Secret Intelligent Service to the British Government. Malloy show ups at Gibb’s house and throws a stack of the traced bills on the table and tells Gibb’s he’s been set up. If they use that stack of cash to trace the CIA’s frequency they’ll find their killer. Abby also reveals traces of pollen in our victim linked to a remote island that houses a CIA station which links our victim to Tennison. She stole the money and killed Alston for getting in the way. ­