Season 8: Episode 7 - Broken Arrow
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

­When Woodrow Iverson, employee to the Royce Global Group, is found dead right before an important and secretive meeting with his old friend Admiral Chase, our team is called in to investigate. Iverson recently flew on a private jet from Geneva and Tony Sr. happened to be on the plane. Tony Sr. a friend of business titan Jonathan Royce was passing through Geneva and caught a ride back to the states. Apparently Royce, now a recluse, hasn’t been seen in public for the past four years. The Royce Global group had operations in underwater mining, and when our team discovers a metal plate with etched numbers that Iverson left in the cab before he was killed, our team realizes that is about a lost nuclear weapon. Iverson was coming to tell Chase about the found nuclear bomb that his company stumbled across but was killed before he had a chance. While on the flight from Geneva, Tony Sr. is invited to the opening night reception to the Royce summit by Dan Mayfeild, Royce’s right hand man. Against Tony’s wishes Gibb’s makes Tony Sr. stay in town and puts him up in a fancy hotel. Gibbs makes Ziva go undercover with Tony Sr. to the opening night reception in an attempt to hopefully identify any potential arms dealers who may be in market for nuclear material. Our team also finds out that Jonathan Royce is actually on life support and Mayfield banned all access to Royce even from his own daughter. Mayfield was keeping Royce alive knowing that if he died everything would go to Royce’s daughter, and a huge nuclear sale to an arms dealer would provide him his golden parachute. Ziva’s cover is blown at the reception and they attempt to make a quick getaway only to be stopped by my Mayfield and his security guard, Theo Gaston. However, they prove to be no match for Ziva and Tony Sr. and the two are soon apprehended and taken into custody. Tony confronts his father about knowing that he’s broke and they vow to start being honest with each other… right before Tony Sr. is about to get on to Donald Trumps private jet back to NY. ­