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Season 8: Episode 16 - Kill Screen
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

­NCIS investigates the death of Marine Corporal Troy Amstrong when his body is found with his fingers and teeth removed. We learn that one of the women that Armstrong dated was using his credit card to purchase and download video games. We meet the beautiful Maxine Edwards who was cheated on by Armstrong and decided to get even by using his credit card. Maxine and McGee have a connection. When an attempt is made on her life, our team realizes that it had something to do with her gaming. Maxine recently was able to reach the kill screen of a popular video game and the screen revealed a set of codes that someone was clearly after. In the end we discover that our doer was closer to NCIS than we thought. Henry Martin from Viperkey Security, recently received NCIS clearance to investigate breaches that originated from the NCIS office. Martin is discovered to be the guy that killed Armstrong thinking he was the one that reached the kill screen because of the credit card charge. The kill screen revealed instructions on how to hack into the Pentagon. If the Pentagon found out how easy it was to penetrate their defense system, Martin’s million dollar account with them would be in jeopardy.