Season 8: Episode 17 - One Last Score
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

­NCIS investigates the brutal murder of a temporary NCIS employee who was recently fired. Evidence reveals that he was selling information about the location of very valuable evidence that was being stored in a warehouse. The valuables belong to Leona Phelps, the Bernie Madoff of the Navy, currently in jail and awaiting her trial. Phelps is able to cut a deal with NCIS, and in exchange for house arrest she would give us the name of our killer. The warehouse that held all her valuables is broken into but nothing is stolen that we can account for. We eventually discover that the thieves attempted to steal her ledger which held off-shore account information on where she hid all the money she stole from her clients. However, when the thieves didn’t find it at the warehouse they track Phelps down at her house. We eventually discover that the thieves were clients of hers who entrusted her with $27million of stolen money that she in turn stole for herself.