Returns for Season 16
Season 8: Episode 20 - Two-Faced
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

­While investigating the death of Seaman Adam Balfour, NCIS Agent E.J. Barrett takes the case over from Gibbs claiming that it’s connected to the port-to-port killer case that she and her team have been secretly working on. The way in which Balfour was killed, cleaned and redressed matches that of our port-to-port killer. Our killer also cleans his victim’s residence and leaves a rare flower, snake-mouth orchid, frozen in an ice cube in the freezer. Gibb’s learns that the port-to-port killer has been killing enlisted Navy personal in Sasebo, Guam and Rota and the most recent clue led EJ to correctly believe that he was about to attack on US soil. Gibb’s and EJ’s investigation methods are so different it causes much tension between everyone. We track down all airline personnel who have traveled to the cities where our killer struck and land on retired marine turned pilot Nathan Finney who happens to live in Alexandria. We find him dead and frozen in a freezer along with the snake-mouth orchids nearby. We finally meet Ziva’s boyfriend Ray only to have Ziva discover that her CIA boyfriend has been secretly assigned to work the port-to-port killer case. Ziva feels betrayed and confused. Tony and EJ attempt to keep their relationship a secret to no avail. Gibb tells Tony that he shouldn’t be dating EJ. After a long day of work, and no where near tracking down our killer, Tony and Ziva grab a drink. The bartender serves Tony a drink he didn’t order and it in is a human eyeball that some guy at the back table ordered for them. They both turn only to realize that he’s gone. To be continued… ­