Returns for Season 16
Season 8: Episode 21 - Dead Reflection
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

­When Navy Lt. Lauren Ross is found dead from a broken neck in the custodial closet of the Pentagon, our team is called into investigate. Surveillance video indicates that she was strangled by her co-worker Lt. Eric Donner who was once part of the Special Warfare unit but was now working a clerical job at the Pentagon following an injury. However, when Donner shows up dead and Ducky reveals that he died of a heart attack well before Ross’ murder, our team is at a loss. Ducky eventually discovers a substance in Donner’s ear that is linked to realistic silicone masks often used by the CIA when engaged in covert operations. Ross’ killer turns out to be Donner’s commanding officer, Nelson Tunney, when he served in the Special Warfare unit. Donner was going to switch out a file, which incriminated Tunney of murder while on a mission, but died before he could do so. Tunney made a mask of Donner in order to get clearance at the Pentagon and Ross ran into him and realized that it wasn’t Donner. Our team tries to find the identity of the eye-ball that was left in Tony’s drink in #182. We suspect that it’s linked to our port-to-port killer who is still on the run.