Season 5: Episode 3 - Ex-File
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

When a Captain is found murdered with a spear through his back the team is called to investigate the murder. They initially have a difficult time getting clearance to access his computer which contains top secret information on the job he was working on. Things get complicated when Gibb's ex-wife, Stephanie, is discovered to be a material witness. It's uncomfortable for both Hollis and Gibbs, since they're working the case together. Eventually, Abby is able to find a hidden code that was encrypted in a song that the Captain downloaded that provided the bank account information to an offshore account. Gibbs must now figure out who would go as far as killing him to get access to that account.

Unfortunately, a Defense Intelligence Agency rep who had been working with Abby on the case wipes the hard drives of the Captain's computer clean. Once Abby broke the code, he realized he had to destroy all the evidence that linked him to the murder. Fortunately, his betrayal is discovered before the dirty agent can catch his flight out of the country.