Season 5: Episode 4 - Identity Crisis
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

Ducky is embarrassed to discover that one of his research cadavers was actually the victim of a murder rather than death by natural causes. The team quickly learns that the victim, Marvin, was an informant for the FBI, trying to identify a master criminal, Kamal, who erased terrorists and other criminals of their unsavory histories. Cautious about being traced, the team discovers that Kamal used restaurant delivery boys to help him conduct business by including his written instructions inside food deliveries. The team must somehow eliminate the many clients who had motive for wanting Kamal dead for fear of him revealing their true identity.

One of the delivery boys, Robert Graves, identifies that that Kamal, who he's been delivering standing orders to, and the dead man, Marvin, are the same person. However, Abby learns otherwise when she uncovers a hidden artist-specific tattoo that could have only been done in Boston 10 years ago. This disproves that Marvin is Kamal. The team eventually realizes that they've been set up all along by none other than Robert Graves, the delivery boy. Graves apparently was the successor of the retired Kamal but wasn't as clever in covering his tracks. Marvin found him out, and paid the price with his life.