Season 5: Episode 5 - Leap of Faith
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

The NCIS team is called in to try and talk a distraught naval officer, Michael, out of jumping off a twenty-story building. Gibbs talks him off the ledge, and just as he's about to pick up Michael's gun, Michael is shot by an unseen sniper and falls to his death. As the team investigates, they discover Michael was working for the Navy trying to disrupt Al Qaeda operatives in Africa, and that a mole was leaking the classified information he was collecting. The team is assisted by a young NCIS analyst, Nikki, who was helping to gather intelligence from Michael. Abby discovers that someone put glaucoma medicine, which Michael didn't need, in the victim's contact solution. Combined with the antidepressant he was on, it produced a side effect of severe clinical depression. The only person who had access to Michael's contact solution was his soon to be ex-wife, Dana Arnett. A more thorough background check of Dana reveals that she was trained by Al Qaeda and smuggled into the U.S. under a different name. She conned Michael into marrying her, and their relationship gave her access to all his intelligence. Once Michael became a liability she needed to get rid of him.

The NCIS team corners Dana in a parking garage, and though she nearly takes Tony out on her race to escape, she is cornered by Ziva. McGee saves the day as well, overcoming his fear of heights to rescue Tony as he hangs from the ninth floor of the parking garage wall.