Season 5: Episode 6 - Chimera
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

The team is called out to investigate a suspicious death aboard a top-secret research vessel out on open water. Their mission is to retrieve the body, but when they arrive at the ship, it appears abandoned. After a search, they discover a pool of bloody vomit that gives Ducky some ideas. Moments later, Gibbs finds the dead body of the original victim, bagged in the walk-in freezer. Ducky first believes the man died of asphyxia, but is stunned to realize that the true diagnosis is viral hemorrhagic fever. The entire NCIS team has been exposed and could be dead within the day.

Ducky quarantines the ship, despite Commander Skinner's insistence that he fly in a team to take control of the ship. The men who've escaped on lifeboats also need to be quarantined, but they are still missing. And when Skinner refuses to explain what exactly the ship was studying, Jenny instructs the team to start their own investigation.

Ziva discovers the cook, left behind by his crewmembers who abandoned ship. The man is terrified, but can't give them any insight into what the crew was studying. Finally, another crewman surfaces; he was the one who injected the dead man with hemorrhagic fever to scare the rest of the crew into abandoning ship. After that, he made a deal with Russian pirates to sell them an old Soviet warhead that the crew found in the sea. The pirates storm the ship, but the team beats them at their own game, stealing their boat and leaving them behind. The Navy has the final say, blowing up the ship with the pirates and the treacherous crewman still on it.