Season 5: Episode 7 - Requiem
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

A young woman named Maddie visits Gibbs. A childhood friend of Gibbs' deceased daughter, Maddie is in danger, being stalked by a man who wasn't even her boyfriend. Gibbs gives the man, Rudi Haas, a stern talking to, and joins Maddie for a cup of coffee. She tells Gibbs that she and Kelly buried a time capsule when Gibbs was in Iraq, but Gibbs has never seen the contents.

When Gibbs goes back to Maddie's, he sees her being kidnapped by someone he assumes is the stalker. But the team finds Haas dead inside the warehouse where he worked. The body is staged as a crucifixion, leading them to believe it was an execution. The team discovers that Haas funneled millions of dollars out of Iraq for two ex-Army men, and Maddie got caught in the crossfire. Gibbs takes matters into his own hands, leaving gun and badge behind at NCIS.

Gibbs calls the kidnappers and demands a meeting. He's located their money and wants to do a trade. He hands over half the money at the waterfront, but things go wrong and the thieves start taking shots at the pair. Gibbs and Maddie try to escape in a car, but it ends up crashing into the water. The car sinks, and just in time, DiNozzo dives into the water and pulls both Gibbs and Maddie to safety.

In the end, Gibbs chooses not to open the time capsule. His memories are enough.