Returns for Season 16
Season 5: Episode 17 - About Face
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

A murdered man is discovered at a Navy construction site and the team ID's him using the driver's license they find on him. However, while Jimmy Palmer is preparing the body to be taken back to the lab, a key piece of evidence is stolen from right under his nose, and Jimmy chases the culprit only to end up being shot at. The piece of evidence was a passport that matched the victim, but did not match the driver's license that the victim was found with. Jimmy found the passport himself, but only got a very quick glance at the name and struggles throughout the episode to remember it and to get over the fear of being shot at. However, further investigation at the construction site uncovers a second murder victim, whose identity had been stolen by the more recent victim in order to capitalize on a workers comp settlement. In order to get the yearly payments the more recent victim had killed the second victim and buried him in cement to make sure no one ever found his body. Jimmy remembers the name on the passport just in time, leading the team to the identity thief's partner and brother, and Jimmy finds his strength when he stops the thief from fleeing the crime scene.