Season 9: Episode 10 - Sins of the Father
Posted on Nov 23, 2011 12:00am

­When Tony’s father, Tony DiNozzo Sr., is found passed out in a Rolls Royce with the dead body of Lt. Brian Massey in the trunk, the NCIS team investigates. Although Tony wants to prove his father’s innocence, Gibbs commands him to stay away. Tony Sr. was involved in a land development deal with Massey, and Massey cheated him out of a huge finder’s fee. With a strong motive and no alibi (he was drunk and doesn’t remember much), Tony Sr. is the prime suspect. Ducky and Abby find a sliver of glass stuck in Massey’s head and discover that he was killed with a very expensive bottle of wine owned by Tony Sr. Meanwhile, Lt. Cdr. Stephanie Wallace arrives to the squad room and explains that Massey wanted to provide her with incriminating information on a case she was currently working on. Lt Dennis, a hot shot pilot was involved in plane crash where he ejected safely but his navigator was killed, claimed it was an accident but it’s soon revealed that it was pilot error and Dennis is to blame. Dennis admits to his pilot error mistake but is adamant that he had nothing to do with Masey’s death. Against orders, Tony discovers that his father left a bar last night with a mysterious girl. When Abby finds out Senior was drugged with roofies, his innocence is finally proven. Linda, the girl at the bar, is an employee of Massey who was working with her boyfriend and co-worker, Craig Hunt. When Massey fired Hunt as his lawyer and cheated him out the executor’s fees, Hunt murdered him and framed Senior. With the culprit finally arrested, Gibbs, Tony, and Senior enjoy a nice Thanksgiving dinner.