Returns for Season 16
Season 9: Episode 12 - Housekeeping
Posted on Jan 4, 2012 12:00am

­When Navy Commander James Barnway is found shot in a crashed pick-up tuck, the NCIS team investigate the case and quickly learn that a mysterious blonde woman was with him. Barnay’s wife explains that a navy friend called him asking for help. Using the GPS, Abby finds the truck’s point of origin, leading them to a motel where its surveillance footage guides them to the woman’s whereabouts. Much to their surprise, she’s former NCIS agent EJ Barrett, who is on the run from Stratton. EJ identifies Barnay’s murderer as Marcellus Dane, a former navy seal turned assassin who works for Stratton. Lathan identifies Stratton as Phantom Eight member Cpt. Jonathan Cole. However, Latham is working with Cole and he tells Cole that EJ and Tony are in a cabin in Old Rag Mountain, and Cole kills Latham to avoid any loose ends. Cole fires a grenade launcher at what he believes is the safe house, but he is tracked down and arrested. All of it was a trap: Latham was fed fake information and EJ and Tony are actually at a completely different location. EJ is finally at peace and Jarvis offers her a position as a secret NCIS agent.