Season 9: Episode 13 - A Desperate Man
Posted on Jan 11, 2012 12:00am

­When Naval Commander Maya Burris is found dead from a sniper’s bullet, the NCIS realize the killer’s aptitude for cleaning up the crime scene indicates a familiarity with police procedure. A likely suspect is her husband, Nick, a D.C. homicide detective who benefits from her death with a $400,000 life insurance policy. However, he appears devastated by the murder and Tony helps him cope by promising to bring his wife’s killer to justice. Ziva tries to avoid her boyfriend, CIA Agent Ray Cruz, after being stood up on a date, but when he later proposes to her, Ziva seriously considers marriage even while Tony seems conflicted by the news. Meanwhile, the team discovers that Maya was trying to bring down a renowned terrorist organization and she frequently met with Barry Norton, a former embassy liaison turned traitor who was selling government secrets to the terrorists. The NCIS believe that Norton killed Maya after she threatened to expose him, but things take a turn when Norton himself shows up dead and the team realizes he was the target all along â€" Maya was simply collateral damage. Tracing Norton’s cell history leads them to the actual hitman: Ray, who was sent to kill Norton as a matter of national security. Ziva is devastated and calls things off with Ray, even as his career is now ruined.